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"When I look at the world I see tones and variations, obscurity and clarity, forms bent by will power, shapes falling from the sky imagined by spirit children.

As far as I can remember i always painted or carved ..coming from a tradition of healers, I witnessed the wonders of nature's power by way of my grandma when she prepared her potions and was all about the mixed medium..the fluid of the goddess as she used to call it while mixing gently the green Radje leaves.

Shapes in the night, on the trees, candle light and smell of Maskilili..our great forest spirit.

The Amazon birthed me with 3 distinctive bloods, colors against colors, sang mele, rhythm of rivers and humming birds of paradise beat the drums to the contrast of Paris with its street noise and parks and social classes, to the New York of the eighties and nineties filled with humanity and creativity.

As such I let the colors and the lines direct and guide me as a dancer improvising each moment care freely in a pure multicolor stance in tune with that very first time."




Tamangoh Herbin Van Cayseele Stanislas

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